Dario Cologna: Hungry for More Gold

12 September 2013 00:00
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DAVOS, Switzerland – Dario Cologna is doubtful about the fresh snow coating the mountains.

“It’s always nice when the first snow comes, but it’s too early to ski,” he tells me at the end of his workout, glancing up at the Mittaghorn and Piz Ducan. The ridges are blanketed not just in snow, for the first time this season, but also in clouds. The wind blows the snow from cliff to cliff and with the sun coming out, the trees begin to shake off their first batch of winter.

“It’s nice to see it in the mountains, but I hope we have some nice days now,” Cologna decides. “Not too cold. For training I hope it will be warmer the next two months.”

If it wasn’t already clear, now is the time for training. The new snow so picturesquely draped down to 2,400 meters (7,800 feet) is a reminder that winter is coming, and with it the race season. But Cologna already knows that. When it comes to skiing, there’s only one thing on his mind.

He pauses before he says it, just like he pauses to formulate every response: clear, well-spoken, to the point. Nothing extraneous.

“It’s just the Olympics next year,” he says. “It’s the big goal.”


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