Dario Cologna (SUI) set to return after injury

07 January 2014 19:50
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In November, Dario Cologna (SUI) injured his ankle while jogging. The injury required surgery and a long rehab. Now, almost two months later Cologna is ready to compete again. “I am going to race in the OPA Cup in Chamonix,” Cologna said last week at a press conference in Lenzerheide.

Cologna was training for four weeks only indoors, in the water and working on his upper body. “It feels great to be back on skis, I am improving every day. I can increase the training load every day,” Cologna revealed.

He admits that first moments after the injury were difficult. “It was tough, I was in good shape, everything was perfect, I had a great training period and I was looking forward to the World Cup start in Kuusamo. After the injury I had to look forward. I have one big goal and that’s the Games,” he said.

Olympic gold

Cologna was in similar situation also before the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver 2010. However, he thinks that the injury is worse this time around than four years ago. “Before Vancouver I tore a muscle in September. I had enough time to recover and to start the World Cup as planned in Gällivare,” Cologna said.

Cologna believes that despite the injury, long training and competition gap he can still be in shape to fight for gold at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. “Of course it was not easy, but I believe it still possible to be in a good shape at the Games and even fight for gold medal,” he confirmed.

Back on track and on the World Cup

If everything goes as planned, Cologna will be back in competition mode this Friday, during the FIS OPA Cup in Chamonix. “Dario will compete already on the first day, in sprint, he is really looking forward to it,” Guri Hetland Swiss team head coach said.

One week later, Cologna should compete in his first World Cup of the season in Jakuszyce (POL).