Dario Cologna wins roller ski race from Sovere to Bossico

29 September 2013 10:33
Tropheo Sovere-Bossico 2013
Tropheo Sovere-Bossico 2013 -
Marcus Schild, nordic-online.ch

Dario Cologna continues with good summer results as he won a roller ski competition from Sovere to Bossico. The race in classical technique was 7.7 km long and featured 575 m of the height difference. In a sunny Indian Fall afternoon and mild and humid weather Cologna showed he is well prepared for the Olympic season. 

They Olympic and World Champion attacked in the second part of the competition, went away and finished in Bossico in the first place. He reached an average speed of 17.83 kph and edged out stron Frenchman Maurice Manificat by 6 seconds. Italy's Roland Clara crossed the finish line 18 seconds behind Cologna and took third place. 

Deborah Agreiter stopped the clock in 31:02 and won the ladies' competition. Stephanie Santer lost +1:06 sec and finished second. Ilaria De Bertolis was third, +1:29 sec behind.

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