Dario Cologna wins on the home turf

15 July 2012 17:09
Dario Cologna wins Cologna day
Dario Cologna wins Cologna day -

Defending FIS Tour de Ski winner and Big Crystal Globe holder Dario Colologna proved to be in a decent mid-July shape as he claimed victory on the home turf. Cologna dominated the 6.5 km long roller skiing competition from Valchava to Lü, which was part of the second edition of the Cologna day, an event organized by the Swiss champion's fan club.

Cologna won ahead of his colleagues from the Swiss Cross-Country team Jonas Baumann and Toni Livers. On the ladies' side victory went to Sweden as Anna Haag edged out Seraina Boner and Bettina Gruber.

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