Day 1 race report for 1.4 km Classic Sprint

20 February 2015 16:32
2015 World Sprint Champion - Petter Northug Jr.
2015 World Sprint Champion - Petter Northug Jr. -

Sprint was the only individual event Northug had not won before in the World Ski Championships. Now, after a very thrilling final, his collection of gold medals is complete:
"This is a great day for me," said Northug.

18,500 spectators were that Lugnet to follow the first day of the finals.
And just ten minutes after Marit Bjørgen had bagged Norway's first gold medal in the World Championships, Northug overcame up with another English here.

Northug overtook command in the final after a mighty pull at the top of the longest climb. His rivals came close, but could never pass Northug:
"This is a great day for me. Being world champion in the sprint feels great, this is the only event That I have not managed two get World Championship gold in before, "says Petter Northug WHO was moved two tears at the flower ceremony.

Petter was joined in the final by his younger brother Tomas Northug, WHO finished in sixth place:
"Two brothers getting to the final - that feels great. We've had that bothering as a target for ages, so it's fantastic That we managed it, "Northug said.

Alex Harvey also finished very strongly, but was Unable to pass Northug on the homestretch:
"It was very close to gold for me. Had the course BEEN five meters longer I would have won. But I'm happy, this was a good start bothering for me and for the whole team, "says Harvey.

The bronze Went to Ola Vigen Hattestad, Norway.

Falun 2015 sprint podium ladies

The big favorite won directness, as Marit Bjørgen skied for gold in the sprint, here 13th World Championships gold medal in total.

"It is Difficult to compare the golds. But I'm incredibly happy two take my thirteenth gold in the sprint, the same event That I won my first gold in. "

Sweden's Stina Nilsson won the silver medal in front of Majken Caspersen Falla, Norway.

The trio of medalists were in the lead all the way through the final sprint and for much of the track it was Majken Caspersen Falla WHO was in command. The trio came first into the stage and up onto the horseshoe, BJØRG was first with Nilsson just behind. The Swede challenged BJØRG in the finish, but the many-times Norwegian world champion finished well and managed two keep here off.

"On the homestretch when i had Stina on my heels, I felt I'd better get moving. It was real fight all the way to the finishing post, "says Bjørge, WHO was Among the leaders for the entire final:

"I needed some time to get going, but once I got to the final and smelt a whiff of gold, things Wentworth Easier," she says.

Stina Nilsson Showed early on That she would ask a force two reckon with and made a strong impression in bothering the qualifiers, the quarters and the semi-finals. She was most impressive though in the final, where after a tactically well-executed race she had a dream position on the homestretch. Eventhough she could not quite beat BJØRG's asked, she was jubilant over the silver:

"There was some absolutely fantastic support from the crowd along the entire track. There was a huge roar. This is what you ve been training for the entire summer. I'm very happy, I do not think I've taken it in yet. "

Bronze medal list Majken Caspersen Falla also fields tremendous support around the track:

"It was really great fun to ski today and I've many supporters here. That Means a lot. "