Devon Kershaw: Maui Camp -Sadly, over half done

24 June 2011 12:48

Canada's Cross-Country team has been on Maui for a ten-day training camp. Devon Kershaw, Alex Harvey, Ivan Babikov, Lenny Valjas, Chandra Crawford and Perianne Jones have enjoyed great days on Hawaii. Here is what Devon Kershaw writes about the camp on

It's hard to believe that we are over 1/2 done our Hawaii camp - actually, it's hard to believe that we are even here on Maui training - but seriously - the training has been stellar here on the island so far!

I'll keep this "picture heavy" for now but what we've been up to is training both down here at sea level (really getting after it. It's amazing how hard you can push (in intervals and in the weight room) with thick air around!) as well as doing some amazing altitude work up high on Mt. Haleakala. I don't think there's a better road in the world to work on uphill technique and training. Imagine - 0m above the sea to all the way up to 3055m. All of which has great pavement to bang out some sweet rollerskiing.

Aside from putting in solid days of training, we've been able to "play" a little too. The past three days we've spent "down" at our base in Paia (on Maui's North Shore) and have been lucky enough to enjoy a south swell that rolled in over on the South/SouthWest part of the island for a few surfing sessions - which have been a blast. Nothing big or anything, but fun enough to catch a few vagues.

Paia is my favorite place to stay on Maui - so I was really glad that Justin/Eric/Louis picked it as our base. The road up the volcano can start right from town - no commute to training! - and the vibe, (albeit decently hippie) is cool. Great restaurants, amazing grocery store, interesting vibe, proximity to great training, beaches, ocean, etc... make it completely great.

Now it's back up on Mt. Haleakala to finish off the last three days of our camp. Some big hours and more time logged at the campsite high on the volcano. It's been a sweet camp, and I'd recommend Maui as a training camp location - we've been enjoying it.

I'll try and get the coaches to snap a few more pics and I'll take some more too - and post another update in a bit.




You can enjoy some photos from the training camp on Devon Kershaw's website:

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