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13 December 2015 07:04
Davos Sprints 2014
Davos Sprints 2014 -

DAVOS Free technique Sprints 


Østberg only previous winner to start

  • With Marit Bjørgen (3 wins) and Kikkan Randall (1 win) both expecting a child, Ingvild Flugstad Østberg is the only previous winner of a sprint freestyle race in Davos to start in today’s World Cup race. Østberg won one of the two races held here last season.
  • Østberg finished second in the 15km race yesterday, behind Therese Johaug.
  • Østberg finished on the podium in both sprint races in Davos last season, finishing third in the second race as she was beaten by Marit Bjørgen and Stina Nilsson.
  • Only Marit Bjørgen (5) and Kikkan Randall (3) have more than two podiums in sprint freestyle races in Davos.
  • No active skier this season has more than two World Cup career wins in sprint freestyle. Østberg, Maiken Caspersen Falla, Ida Ingemarsdotter and Vesna Fabjan could all become the seventh athlete to win at least three races. Marit Bjørgen (24), Kikkan Randall (12), Bente Skari (8), Arianna Follis (6), Petra Majdic (6) and Pirjo Muranen (4) are the six athletes to reach past two career wins.
  • Norwegian athletes won all five World Cup races in which they participated in sprint freestyle last season (Marit Bjørgen with four wins and Østberg with one win). The last win went to Jennie Öberg in Rybinsk.


Winning twice difficult in Davos

  • Sprint freestyle has been organised on eight occasions in Davos. All eight races have seen different winners. Björn Lind, Ola Vigen Hattestad, John Kristian Dahl, Emil Jönsson, Alexey Petukhov, Anders Gløersen, Finn Hågen Krogh and Federico Pellegrino all have one win.
  • Six of the eight winners are still active in the World Cup this season and can be the first to win twice in sprint freestyle in Davos.
  • Russian Alexey Petukhov has the most podiums in sprint freestyle in Davos with four. Gløersen, Jönsson, Krogh and Dahl have two podiums each.
  • Federico Pellegrino won the last sprint freestyle held in Davos (two races were held last December). This was Pellegrino’s first World Cup victory, starting a streak of three consecutive wins in sprint freestyle in the World Cup.
  • Pellegrino is the only athlete in the history of the World Cup to win three consecutive World Cup races in sprint freestyle.
  • Pellegrino is the second-most successful Italian male skier in sprint freestyle races. Cristian Zorzi has won five World Cup races in this event.
  • Zorzi is still the only non-Scandinavian sprinter with more than three World Cup wins in sprint freestyle.
  • Tor Arne Hetland has won nine sprint freestyle races in the World Cup, most of all men. Emil Jönsson is second with eight wins and will equal Hetland with his next win.
  • Jönsson has not won a sprint freestyle since March 2013 in Lahti.
  • Anders Gløersen finished third on the 30km freestyle yesterday in Davos. Gløersen could be the second athlete to finish on the podium in a sprint and a distance race on consecutive days in Davos. Dario Cologna managed this in 2013 (twice second).
  • Gløersen was on the podium twice in Davos last season, but in different weekends. First he finished second in the sprint freestyle, then he won the 15km freestyle the next weekend.
  • Gløersen took his last four individual World Cup podiums in Davos.

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