Did you know? Fun facts for ladies 30 km at Holmenkollen

09 March 2014 07:36
Holmenkollen 30km classic 2012
Holmenkollen 30km classic 2012 -

30km classic style:

  • Marit Bjørgen has won the 30km World Cup in Holmenkollen on three occasions: 2005, 2010 and 2012. Another victory, and she will be the lady with the most wins in Oslo in this discipline. Larissa Lazutina are also currently on three wins.
  •  If Bjørgen finishes in the top three, it will be her 100th podium finish in a World Cup race. Jelena Välbe is closest to Bjørgen with 81 WC-podiums.
  • Bjørgen is the only athlete to have won the 30km in Holmenkollen both in classic style and freestyle. If Therese Johaug wins, she will be the second athlete to achieve this.
  • Johaug could be the first athlete to win the 30km in Holmenkollen in two consecutive years.
  • Marit Bjørgen has finished on the podium in her last 23 World Cup finishes in distance races (including overall tour results) going back to a fourth place in 10km skiathlon in Lahti March 2011, the only time in her last 35 World Cup distance events Bjørgen missed the podium.
  • Therese Johaug and Marit Bjørgen are fighting for the overall World Cup title. Bjørgen (four) and Johaug (two) have won the last six 30 km races held in World Cup and championships since Justyna Kowalczyk won in Vancouver 2010.
  • Therese Johaug (NOR) is leading the overall World Cup with 1153 points, ahead of Marit Bjørgen on 1082 points. Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen is third on 965 points, while Heidi Weng is fourth with 746 points. Best non-Norwegian is Kikkan Randall on 728 points so far.
  • Norway has won the first three positions in the overall World Cup once before, in 1984/1985 when Anette Bøe won, ahead of Grete Nykkelmo and Brit Pettersen.
  • The last time a country occupied all the three podium places in the overall World Cup was Russia in 1994/1995 when Jelena Välbe won, ahead of Nina Gavriljuk and Larisa Lazutina.