Did you know? Oberstdorf Stage 5

06 January 2016 09:32
Happy Birthday Petter Northug Jr.
Happy Birthday Petter Northug Jr. -

LADIES - 10km Classic

Johaug aiming to get back on winning ways

  • The fifth stage of the Tour de Ski is a 10km classic style mass start race in Oberstdorf.
  • A 10km classic race has been held 15 times in the history of the Tour de Ski. Justyna Kowalczyk has won six stages, Virpi Kuitunen three, Petra Majdic two, while Marit Bjørgen, Therese Johaug, Aino-Kaisa Saarinen and Kerttu Niskanen have one win each.
  • Kowalczyk has the most podium finishes with seven, one more than Johaug’s six.
  • Johaug won the last 10km classic stage held in the Tour de Ski, in Val di Fiemme last season.
  • The 10km classic style was held in Oberstdorf also last season. The race was a pursuit after the first prologue stage. Marit Bjørgen won the stage, ahead of Heidi Weng and Therese Johaug. Bjørgen also had the fastest time of the day, 28 seconds ahead of Therese Johaug.
  • After six consecutive wins in distance races, Therese Johaug was beaten by Ingvild Flugstad Østberg in the third stage in a 5km pursuit. Johaug has won four of the last six 10km classic races held in the World Cup. Marit Bjørgen won the other two.
  • Bjørgen/Johaug have won the last seven races in 10km classic, since Justyna Kowalczyk won in Szklarska Poreba in January 2014.
  • Kowalczyk has the most wins in 10km classic with 18 World Cup wins. Marit Bjørgen has 13 wins, Virpi Kuitunen has 11 wins.
  • Marit Bjørgen has 29 World Cup podium finishes in this discipline, Justyna Kowalczyk has 25. Therese Johaug has 19 podiums and will equal Virpi Kuitunen in third position in the all-time list if she finishes on the podium today.
  • Ingvild Flugstad Østberg won her first race in the distance World Cup last Sunday.
  • Østberg has never won a World Cup race longer than 5km, but she has finished on the podium in her last three starts in World Cup races over 10/15km this season. Her only three podiums in races longer than 5km.

MEN - 15 km Classic 

Northug aiming for second birthday win

  •  Stage number five in the Tour de Ski is a 15km classic style mass start race. 
  •  The 15km classic style has been raced 12 times in the Tour de Ski. No athlete has more than two victories,
  • Alexey Poltoranin, Axel Teichmann, Petter Northug and Dario Cologna have won this event twice.
  • The 15km classic style was held also last season in Oberstdorf, as a pursuit race after the opening prologue. Petter Northug won the pursuit, ahead of Alex Harvey and Calle Halfvarsson.
  • Northug will celebrate his 30th birthday on the day of this race. He has won on his birthday once before, six years ago on the Cortina-Toblach stage in the Tour de Ski.
  • Northug could be the first athlete to win twice on the World Cup on his birthday. Børre Næss and Tim Tscharnke are the only other two male athletes with a World Cup win on their birthday. Also Marit Bjørgen and Justyna Kowalczyk have one victory each on their birthday.
  • Northug is the only athlete (men and women) to win a Tour de Ski stage on his birthday.
  • Of the athletes still in the Tour, Northug has the most wins in the 15km classic style with five. One more win and he will equal Lukas Bauer, Bjørn Dæhlie and Axel Teichmann with six World Cup wins in this event. Gunde Svan is leading the all-time list with seven wins.
  • Alexey Poltoranin and Dario Cologna have four wins each in the 15km classic, while Martin Johnsrud Sundby has three wins in this event