Did you know? Ruka Triple Day 2

28 November 2015 04:43
Maurice Manificat FRA
Maurice Manificat FRA -


LADIES - 2nd stage, 5km F

Kalla aiming to avoid another Norwegian clean sweep

  • 5km freestyle has been held only three times in the World Cup during the last 10 years. It was a part of the Opening Tour in Ruka both 2011 and 2012 (Marit Bjørgen won both races), and in the Tour in Lillehammer last season.
  • In Lillehammer Norway took all the three positions on the podium, Therese Johaug winning, ahead of Marit Bjørgen and Heidi Weng. Charlotte Kalla finished 4th, as the best non-Norwegian.
  • Kalla won the 10km freestyle in the World Championships in Falun last season, and has a total of eight wins in 5/10km freestyle races (World Cup, World Championships and Olympic Games).
  • Kalla is the only non-Norwegian to win a 5/10km F competition on World Cup since.Davos in December 2009.
  • Six of Kalla’s seven wins in individual World Cup races have been in 10km free. Five regular 10km freestyle races, and one stage win in the Opening Tour in Ruka in December 2013 (10km pursuit). In addition Kalla has one win in a free technique sprint .
  • Therese Johaug won the 5km in the Lillehammer Tour last season. Johaug has three career wins on 5/10km freestyle. She has finished on the podium in five of her last seven starts in 5/10km freestyle (WC and WCH).
  • Maiken Caspersen Falla is leading the Opening Tour after the first stage. Falla has finished on the podium just once in races longer than sprint, she was 3rd in Canmore on 10km freestyle in December 2012.

MEN - 2nd stage, 10km F

Sundby looking for second consecutive 10km freestyle win

  • The 10km freestyle event has been held only three times in the World Cup in the last 10 years. Twice in Ruka, Petter Northug won in 2011 and Alexander Legkov in 2012. The third event was in Lillehammer last season, when Martin Johnsrud Sundby won.
  • In Lillehammer last season Norway won all top three positions, Finn Hågen Krogh and Sjur Røthe joined Sundby on the podium.
  • Sundby has won three of the last 10 freestyle races in the World Cup and World Championships in 10/15km freestyle. Sundby and Johan Olsson (not competing this weekend) are the only two athletes with more than one win (Olsson has two).
  • Six of the last 10 victories in 10/15km freestyle have gone to Norway. Olsson has won two races for Sweden, while Dario Cologna has one win for Switzerland and Alexander Legkov one win for Russia.
  • The five races last season in 10/15km freestyle was won by five different skiers.
  • Petter Northug and Maurice Manificat have finished on the podium in both 10km freestyle races held in Ruka. Northug won in 2011 and finished second in 2012. Manificat finished third in both editions.