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18 December 2015 09:06
Stina Nilsson SWE
Stina Nilsson SWE -

TOBLACH - Sprint free technique


Nilsson to break Swedish “one-win tradition”?

  • Stina Nilsson won the sprint freestyle last weekend, ahead of Norwegians Maiken Caspersen Falla and Ingvild Flugstad Østberg. Nilsson became the seventh Swedish woman to win a World Cup race in sprint freestyle.
  • Five of the previous six Swedish sprint freestyle winners have only won a World Cup race once. Ida Ingemarsdotter is the only one to win more than once, Ingemarsdotter has two World Cup wins and could be equalled by Nilsson already in Toblach.
  • Nilsson (22years 172 days) is the youngest winner of an individual ladies' World Cup race since Maiken Caspersen Falla (22years 124 days) won in Canmore in December 2012.
  • Nilsson has participated in the final of her last eight sprint races in the World Cup (classic and freestyle).
  • Nilsson has four podiums in her five World Cup participations this season. Only Therese Johaug (5) has more individual podiums so far. All Johaug’s five podiums are wins. Ingvild Flugstad Østberg is third with three podiums.
  • This will be the fourth time a World Cup race in sprint freestyle will be held in Toblach. Marit Bjørgen won the last two races held here, in 2012 and 2014. Petra Majdic won in 2011. In 2014 Denise Herrmann was second and Ingvild Flugstad Østberg third.
  • Bjørgen has won the last four World Cup events in all distances held in Toblach and has the most wins there overall with eight. Justyna Kowalczyk (4) is the only other female athlete with more than one win in Toblach.
  • Kowalczyk is the only athlete who is planning to compete in Toblach this weekend who has previously won a World Cup race there.
  • This season, no active skier has more than two World Cup career wins in sprint freestyle. One from Østberg, Maiken Caspersen Falla, Ida Ingemarsdotter and Vesna Fabjan could become the seventh athlete to win at least three races. Marit Bjørgen (24), Kikkan Randall (12), Bente Skari (8), Arianna Follis (6), Petra Majdic (6) and Pirjo Muranen (4) are the six athletes with more than two career wins.
  • The next win for Norway will be their 40th World Cup victory in ladies' sprint freestyle for. Norway have 39 wins in the 94 events held. USA have 12 wins, Sweden and Slovenia eight wins.
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  • The next podium for a Norwegian woman will be podium number 100 in World Cup sprint freestyle. Norway have 39 wins, 29 second places and 31 third places in the history of ladies’ sprint freestyle. Italy have the second most podiums in this event with 26.



Pellegrino could equal legend Zorzi

  • Federico Pellegrino won the sprint freestyle held in Davos last weekend. This was his fourth career World Cup victory. One more and Pellegrino will equal Cristian Zorzi on five individual World Cup wins for most among Italians World Cup sprinters.
  • Zorzi and Pellegrino are the only non-Scandinavian sprinters with more than three World Cup wins in sprint freestyle.
  • Pietro Piller Cottrer is the Italian male skier with the most World Cup wins (6). Only Piller Cottrer, Zorzi and Pellegrino from the Italian team have more than three individual World Cup wins.
  • Tor Arne Hetland has won nine sprint freestyle races in the World Cup, most of all men. Emil Jönsson is second with eight wins and will equal Hetland on his next win. Jönsson has not won a sprint freestyle since March 2013, in Lahti.

Hattestad back again to become oldest winner?

  • Ola Vigen Hattestad won the last sprint freestyle race held in Toblach, in February 2013. Hattestad won ahead of Eirik Brandsdal and Josef Wenzl.
  • Sprint freestyle is held for the fourth time in the World Cup in Toblach. In addition to Hattestad’s win, Nikolay Morilov won in 2012 and Devon Kershaw in 2011 (the two last wins were stages in Tour de Ski). Dario Cologna and Petter Northug are the only two athletes with two podiums there. They were both in the top-3 in 2011 and 2012.
  • Norway has had at least one athlete on the podium in all three editions of sprint freestyle in Toblach.
  •  Hattestad is the reigning Olympic champion in this event, but has not yet competed this season due to the birth of his child. Hattestad has not finished on the World Cup podium since his win in Toblach, which was just days ahead of his Olympic win in Sochi.
  • If Hattestad (33y 244 days) wins, he will become the oldest winner of a World Cup event in sprint freestyle (ex.tour stages), beating Tor Arne Hetland's (31y 333d) win in Vernon in December 2005.
  • Hattestad will still only be the second oldest World Cup winner, as Hetland won a stage in the Tour de Ski in December 2008, 34y 343d old. Only Hetland and Cristian Zorzi (36y 140d, 3rd in TDS sprint on 1 January 2009) have finished on a World Cup podium older than 33 years.
  • Hattestad has 14 World Cup podiums in sprint freestyle. Only Hetland (20), Thobias Fredriksson (18) and Alexey Petukhov (15) have more podium finishes.

France waiting for first ever sprint win

  • France has had an athlete on the podium in the last two World Cup sprint freestyle races held with Baptiste Gros finishing second in Davos, and Richard Jouve third in Lahti in March 2015.
  • No French athlete has won a World Cup sprint race. The second place for Gros in Davos was the best ever World Cup sprint result by a French athlete, equalling Aurore Jean, who was second in ladies' event in Sochi in February 2013.

Sweden getting closer to longest winless streak

  • Sweden has gone 12 races without a win in sprint freestyle, since Calle Halfvarsson won in the Tour de Ski on 29 December 2013. This is Sweden’s second longest streak without a win in sprint freestyle. The longest is 15 consecutive races without a World Cup win, from December 1998 when Mathias Fredriksson won in Milan- to October 2002 when Peter Larsson won in Düsseldorf.
  • Tor Arne Hetland has won nine sprint freestyle races in the World Cup, most of all men. Emil Jönsson is second with eight wins and will equal Hetland. Jönsson has not won a sprint freestyle since March 2013, in Lahti. Ola Vigen Hattestad is third with six wins.
  • Sweden have the second most World Cup wins in sprint freestyle with 23. Norway have most wins with 41. Italy are third with 12 wins from the 94 races held.