Emil Joensson puts off start into the new season

02 December 2011 07:43
Emil Joensson celebrates victory in sprint in Lahti
Emil Joensson celebrates victory in sprint in Lahti -

On Thursday afternoon Emil Joensson informed that he would not be starting at the sprint World Cup weekend in Düsseldorf.

He did not withdraw from the race because of the muscle injury he had suffered some time ago but due to overload of the muscle groups around it.

“Emil was checked by medical experts at the hospital in Stockholm and they recommended to put off the start of the season for him to Davos, 11th December. We don’t want to take unnecessary risks. Emil will be fresh and eager to compete in Davos,” Sweden’s sprint coach Arild Monsen explained.

Starting times (local time)

3rd December 2011

Sprint F Qualification 10.30h
Sprint F Finals 12.45h

4th December

Team Sprint F Semi Finals 11.00
Team Sprint F Finals 13.00h