Emma Wikén and Daniel Richardsson won Åre Cross-Country Open

13 April 2014 12:22
Daniel Richardsson
Daniel Richardsson -

Emma Wikén and Daniel Richardsson concluded the successful season with a victory in Åre Cross-Country open. 

Wikén topped the ladies podium of the 13 km long fee technique race in the time of 39:57.46. Second place and  runner up Helene Söderlund lost almost a minute. Sofia Bleckur took third place +1:39.34 behind the winner. 

Daniel Richardsson

Olympic medalist Daniel Richardsson won the men's competition ahead of Jonathan Thoresson and Jörgen Brink. Richardsson and Thoresson skied together but on the steep parts of the course Richardsson broke away to win the race with a clear margin of 37.57 sec. 


Ladies 13 km F
1. Emma Wikén, Åsarna IK 39.57,46
2. Helene Söderlund, IFK Mora SK +58,52
3. Sofia Bleckur, IFK Mora SK +1.39,34
4. Kari Eie, IL Varden +2.10,50
5. Elin Mohlin, Sollefteå Skidor IF +2.30,67

Men 13 km F
1. Daniel Richardsson, Hudiksvalls IF 36.23,49
2. Jonathan Thoresson, Östersunds SK +37,57
3. Jörgen Brink, Hudiksvalls IF +1.28,51
4. Oskar Svärd, Försvarets SK +1.44,00
5. Jonas Austad, Inderoy IL +1.57,20

Results Åre Cross-Country Open 2014