Falla and Ustiugov win Davos sprints - Updated

11 December 2016 16:15
Maiken Caspersen Falla NOR wins Davos sprint 2016
Maiken Caspersen Falla NOR wins Davos sprint 2016 -

Maiken Caspersen Falla (NOR) and Sergey Ustiugov (RUS) have won the 1.6 km sprints at the FIS World Cup competition in Davos, Switzerland.  For both Falla and Ustiugov it was their first victories of the season.  Falla was already the Sprint World Cup leader coming into Davos after two second place finishes in the previous sprint competitions this season.  She now leads her teammate Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg by 70 points in the sprint standings.  Sweden's Hanna Falk continued her strong start to the season with another third place finish.  Like today's podium Falk sits third in the overall sprint standings just 24 points behind Oestberg.   

Russia's Ustiugov was comfortable to push the pace all day and in the finals it was only Finn Hagen Krogh (NOR) who was able to keep it close just +0.59 seconds behind for second place.  Sindre Bjoernestad Skar (NOR) the day's third place finisher was +3.29 seconds after Ustiugov.  

Ustiugov moves into second in the overall sprint standings with his result today.  He now sits 22 points behind Norway's World Cup sprint leading Paal Golberg.  

The FIS Cross-Country World Cup tour now moves to La Clusaz, France for competitions on the 17-18 December, 2016.  



Maiken Caspersen Falla (NOR)
I felt very good today. I felt my shape was good and I was able to keep the right technique. The hill here in Davos fits me and I was confident I could make my move on the top but I was stiff on the way down and in the curve. I am very happy for the victory.

Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg (NOR)
It is great to have the first sprint podium of the season. To win yesterday and to be second today is much more than I expected. It is a big day for me to get the yellow bib.

Hanna Falk (SWE)
I am very happy with the race today. I felt very good on skis. It is great to be on the podium.

Sergey Ustiugov (RUS)
I did not have the best qualification but I felt much better in the heats. I knew I had power to win. It is great to win here in Davos.

Finn Haagen Krogh (NOR)
Ustiugov was extremely strong today. He had pretty much the same tactic during the whole day. In the final I wanted to be first in the last uphill. When it did not work I tried to ski really well the turn before the finish but Ustiugov was stronger than me.

Sindre Bjoernestad Skar (NOR)
I was 3rd best today. It was perfect day. I was quite tired in the final. I wanted to take it easy in the first lap and pass some guys in the second lap. It worked and I am really happy for third place.



LADIES - 1.6 km Sprint F

1. FALLA Maiken Caspersen NOR 2:44.63
2. OESTBERG Ingvild Flugstad NOR +0.53
3. FALK Hanna SWE +0.60
4. SUNDLING Jonna SWE +1.04
5. DIGGINS Jessica USA +5.91
6. MATVEEVA Natalia RUS +6.80

Complete results are available HERE

Sprint World Cup Standings
1. FALLA Maiken Caspersen NOR 226 pts
2. OESTBERG Ingvild Flugstad NOR 156
3. FALK Hanna SWE 132
4. NILSSON Stina SWE 120
5. WENG Heidi NOR 110

Complete Sprint standings are available HERE

Overall World Cup Standings
1. OESTBERG Ingvild Flugstad NOR 549 pts
2. WENG Heidi NOR 539
3. PARMAKOSKI Krista FIN 453
4. BJOERGEN Marit NOR 333
5. FALLA Maiken Caspersen NOR 332

Complete Overall standings are available HERE


MEN - 1.6 km Sprint F

1. USTIUGOV Sergey RUS 2:24.65
2. KROGH Finn Haagen NOR +0.59
3. SKAR Sindre Bjoernestad NOR +3.29
4. PETUKHOV Alexey RUS +3.47
5. IVERSEN Emil NOR +5.52
6. CHANAVAT Lucas FRA +11.48

Complete results are available HERE

Sprint World Cup Standings
1. GOLBERG Paal NOR 154 pts
2. USTIUGOV Sergey RUS 132
4. KROGH Finn Haagen NOR 122
5. PETERSON Teodor SWE 115

Complete Sprint standings are available HERE

Overall World Cup Standings
1. SUNDBY Martin Johnsrud NOR 450 pts
2. IVERSEN Emil NOR 326
4. KLAEBO Johannes Hoesflot NOR 304
5. KROGH Finn Haagen NOR 296

Complete Overall Standings are available HERE