Federico Pellegrino: I respect everybody but fear nobody

22 February 2011 13:26

Federico Pellegrino is a shooting star of Italian Cross-Country skiing and could become successor of Pietro Piller Cottrer or Giorgio di Centa.

At the age of 21 he scored second place in Sprint Free in Liberec, first place in sprint qualifier in Davos and second place in sprint qualification in Drammen. He is bronze medalist from Junior World Championships in Hinterzarten 2010 in sprint free. FIS Cross-Country news spoke with the Italian youngster in the Holmnekollen stadium.

FIS Cross-Country news: Federico, you have had a successful season. What is the key to success?

Federico Pellegrino: Yes, it is true that I have had a good season so far but I’m young Italian sprinter and it is not easy to make it to Oslo. I don’t know what the key could be, perhaps simplicity in training.

FIS Cross-Country news: You came second in sprint free in Liberec and was first and second in the qualification in Davos and Drammen. What are you expectations for Thursday?

F.P.: My first goal is to do a good qualification, especially in the view of my previous results. Everything what comes after qualification will be good.

FIS Cross-Country news: Who are the biggest competitors for you?

F.P.: There are of course many of them! Hattestad, Northug, Petukhov, Joensson, Gloeersen also Pasini or Scola are in a good shape. And me? Yes, me to maybe. No, but I respect everybody but fear nobody.

FIS Cross-Country news: How is it to train with legends such as Di Centa or Piller Cottrer?

F.P.: They are big champions and outstanding athletes. They have been in the World Cup circuit for many years. They continue in delivering good results. Even though Pietro has not had a good season so far I believe he will be very fast here again.

FIS Cross-Country news: What does it mean for you to take part in the World Championships in Oslo?

F.P.: I’m very, very proud to be here in Oslo. Holmenkollen is like a temple of Cross-Country skiing. It will be a great experience for me.

FIS Cross-Country news: What do you think about the Sprint Course in Holmenkollen?

F.P.: I have good memories about the Sprint Course here in Holmenkollen. Last year I qualified in the sprint free and finished 19th. So I like to the course very much. I hope for a good race on Thursday.