First competition, first podium

20 July 2012 09:51
Curdin Perl third place in Lysebotn Opp 2012
Curdin Perl third place in Lysebotn Opp 2012 -

Curdin Perl took part in the first competition in the training season and landed in third place of Lysebotn Opp 2012, 7.5km long uphill roller skiing competition from Lysebotn to Øygardstøl.

"I felt good and could keep my pace from the start. I had to let go the leading athletes twice but managed to get closer to the front as the race progressed. In the last 500 m I gained another two places and almost came close to the leading French," Curdin Perl explained on his website.

The Swiss has had a busy spring and summer training. He spent couple of weeks in Spain with his former coach Felix Dieter. "We did specific Cross-Country training as well as fitness and strength workouts and technique precision," Curdin Perl said.

After Spain Perl joined the Swiss team again at the camp in Seefeld. "It was very hard and intensive there. My shape has been good but I still have a lot to do," Perl claims.

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