First snow update. Where to ski in October

11 October 2018 12:15
Where to go for a ski in October?
Where to go for a ski in October? -

You don’t’ have to wait for the winter to come. There are several resorts in Europe and North America that open in October thanks to snow farming. Here an overview.

Vuokatti, Finland

There are several possibilities to ski in Finland in Autumn. Already for the 12th time, this week Vuokatti opened 1.5 km Cross-Country Skiing course from more than 40.000 m3 of snow stored over the summer under saw dust.

Kontiolahti, Finland

Skiing season at Kontiolahti starts on Friday 12th October 2018. On an opening day there is 2,2 km ski track and track will be extended in the end of October/beginning of November to 3-4 km. This track will include also the famous Wall uphill.

Sjusjøn, Norway

Already in September a 1.3 km long course was opened in Sjusjøen. Natrudstilen stadium is groomed for free technique.

Vålådalen, Sweden

Vålådalen in Sweden is getting ready for the season opening on 16th October when a 3 km long loop should be ready.

Idre Fjäll, Sweden

Also this weekend, on 12th October Idre Fjäll in Sweden will open a 10 km long course.

Bruksvallarna, Sweden

On 13th October 2 km course will open in Bruksvallarna, Sweden 

Livigno, Italy

Livigno is set to open a man made 3.5 km course on Saturday, 13th October. The winter season will officially begin with Italian national team skiers Federico Pellegrino, Dietmar Noeckler and Francesco De fabiani. 

Davos, Switzerland

Davos in Switzerland will traditionally open a training course in the Flüela valley on 27th October. The course will be 4 km long. 


Tyumen, Russia

Tyumen in Siberia opened on 10th October a 5.0 km course. Too keep the course cold a cooling system is installed in the ground.

Forêt Montmorency, Canada

For the sixth year, the technical team of Forêt Montmorency has prepared thousands of cubic meters of artificial snow and stored it under tons of wood chips throughout the summer. On 26th October a ski run of between 2 kilometres will be covered with snow.