FIS Rollerski World Championships: day one Rastelli (ITA) and Sömskar (SWE) seize gold

25 September 2015 10:19
Linn Somskaer and Maicol Rastelli
Linn Somskaer and Maicol Rastelli -

The 2015 FIS Rollerski World Championships got underway in Italy's Val di Fiemme yesterday with an uphill Interval Start race in classic technique and Maicol Rastelli of Italy and Linn Sömskar of Sweden seized the first gold medals of the tournament. Stefan Zelger (ITA) and Sandra Olsson (SWE) grabbed gold in the Junior category ahead of Sweden's Fredriksson and Busqvist, and Chvanova (RUS) and Tomasini (ITA) respectively.

While the female Senior race was dominated by the current World Cup leader Sömskar, who crossed the finish line ahead of compatriot Marika Sundin and Elin Mohlin, the men's race was anything but expected. On the eve of the race, Swedes and Russians were number one favorites and it seemed clear as well that athletes like Eugeniy Dementiev of Russia and Oscar Persson of Sweden were going to jump on the highest steps of the final podium. Never say never though, and Maicol Rastelli was the one who would ruin the party of both Dementiev and Persson. At the beginning of the uphill, Rastelli was 30 seconds behind Persson but the Italian rollerskier pushed harder than ever along the climb and at the very end he grabbed the title ahead of Persson (3rd) and the 2006 Olympic winter champion Dementiev (2nd).  

The FIS Roller Ski World Championships 2015 continue today with the super exciting Sprint event scheduled at night in Ziano di Fiemme town centre. The 200 meters long track will welcome athletes from 20 nations and the current Sprint World Champion Alessio Berlanda and his Italian team mates Becchis and Sbabo will fight hard to get further gold medals home.


Download TV footage:

Uphill CT – Senior Men

1. Rastelli Maicol ITA 30:49.77 

2. Dementiev Eugeniy RUS 31:17.79
3. Persson Oscar SWE 31:20.69
4. Karlsson Anton SWE 31:27.50.
5. Soatagin Anton RUS 31:38.09
6. Norum Robin SWE 31:39.32
7. Mlynar Peter SVK 31:50.63
8. De Fabiani Francesco ITA 31:59.69
9. Ploskonosov Dmitriy RUS 32:00.89
10. Bader Markus AUT 32:20.12

Uphill CT – Senior Ladies

1. Soemskar Linn SWE 35:17.17

2. Sundin Marika SWE 35:57.90
3. Mohlin Elin SWE 36:46.69
4. Scardoni Lucia ITA 37:32.50
5. Nikolaeva Svetlana RUS 38:03.04
6. Jambaeva Tatjana RUS 38:24.72
7. Kaminskaya Valiantsina BLR 38:44.81
8. Nesterenko Lada UKR 38:48.06
9. Antsybor Maryna UKR 39:28.40
10. Sara Timea ROU 40:25.01

Uphill CT – Junior Men

1. Zelger Stefan ITA 31:56.81

2. Fredriksson Marcus SWE 31:59.34
3. Buskqvist Alfred SWE 32:30.59
4. Ekloef Johannes SWE 32:44.56
5. Nischakov Andrey RUS 32:59.19
6. Ustyukhov Andrey RUS 33:12.22
7. Dyakov Maxim RUS 33:44.66
8. Koristek Jan SVK 34:02.40
9. Dalla Via Alberto ITA 34:25.63
10. Andreev Vadim RUS 34:32.80

Uphill CT – Junior Ladies

 1. Olsson Sandra SWE 38:36.66

2. Chvanova Tatiana RUS 40:03.28
3. Tomasini Monica ITA 40:38.78
4. Olsen Amalie Honerud NOR 40:41.20
5. Kondratenko Maria RUS 40:44.94
6. Bjoern Mathilda SWE 42:30.58
7. Burtseva Elizaveta RUS 42:41.80
8. Broll Veronika ITA 42:50.63
9. Fosen Marte NOR 43:23.38
10. Rockstroh Anna GER 43:27.67