Five summer questions for Anna Haag

18 July 2011 08:54

This summer Swedish Cross-Country Ski Team brings an insight into how its Cross-Country skiing stars spend their summer. Today it is Anna Haag’s turn.

Q: What is the best and worst thing about summer?

Anna Haag: The best thing about summer is that it is so easy to train when it is so nice and warm weather and you can be up late at night and enjoy the warmth. The worst is when you expect the heat and sun but rains crosses your plans and makes it much harder to get out on training.

Q: What is your approach to training / preparation for the winter season?

Anna Haag: Training and more training; in lots of different forms. I’m trying to develop in what I need to improve, to refine the details and feel good!

Q: What will be the highlight of your summer?

Anna Haag: Midsummer in Dalarna with the traditional Orsa Kajt'n (running competition in Orsa).

Q: What are you most looking forward to next winter?

Anna Haag: Tour de Ski is going to amazing and fun to ski when there is no a championships.

Q: And finally four fast questions:

Anna Haag:Best Summer Song: The Veronicas

Best Bathing: Holens in Orsa

Best BBQ food: Kebabs with new potato-salad-with-dried-tomato-and-ruccola.

Best Summer Reading: Marie Jungstedt

Contributed by Camilla Sandy Swedish Ski Association