Five summer questions for Maria Rydqvist

22 June 2011 10:33

This summer Swedish Cross-Country Ski Team brings an insight into how its Cross-Country skiing stars spend their summer. Distance ace Maria Rydqvist is first on the list.

Q: What do you think is the best and worst thing about summer?

Maria Rydqvist: The best thing about summer is the sun and heat. It’s great the days are so long and the sun light fills me up with energy. Actually there is not much bad about the summer but I think it can be stressful when the whole Sweden stops when it is holiday season.

Q: What is your approach to training / preparation for the winter season?

M.R.: The main objective is as usual a volume training this summer. What's new is that I will differentiate more  the summer and fall trainings. In the summer I’m going to carry out more low-intensity workouts whereas in fall there will be a lot of speed training.

Q: What will be the highlight of your summer?

M.R.: When Wilda turns 1 on July 24. It will be great to see her blow out the first candle on the cake and remember the wonderful year that have passed. I look forward to it very much.

Q: What are you most looking forward to next winter?

M.R.: Tour de Ski will be one of the highlights next winter. I look forward to seeing if I have managed to take a few steps forward and have really developed things that I expect I should do.

Q: And finally four fast questions:

Best Summer Song

M.R.: Every year there is a new summer song, which is played again, again and again. I have no particularly favorite one, but every summer there is a song, which brings you memories when you hear it later.


M.R.: Lokatjärn which is a small lake in the middle of the woods. It is a wonderful and peaceful place.

BBQ food

M.R.: That’s difficult to say because everything from grill is so amazingly good. Barbeque is really one of the best stuff in summer. Meat, salmon, everything is good!

Summer Reading

M.R.: Things that can get me lie down and think long. Being able to read a page, think for ten minutes, read another page page, think ... It is the best summer reading, lying in the sun and reading in a slow pace!

Contributed by Swedish Ski Association