Flying Falk's eye desease

28 October 2010 10:43

Sweden's sprint star Hanna Falk suffered from an eye disease that could lead to loss of  eyesight. Last summer doctors discovered eye disease called APMPPE.Hanna underwent treatment and is now almost completely healthy. But still, she posseses only 90% in the right eye.

APMPPE is certainly not a common disease and Falk were at medical check ups many times. "One evening last summer I went to the hospital when I discovered that I did not see anything with my right eye. All I focused on disappeared in a blur vapor trail. When I was going on rollerskis and heard a car coming, but I did not see it" writes Hanna Falk on her blog.  After various tests for a few days the diagnose was APMPPE. An inflammation of the retina and choroid in the right eye. Doctors could not do anything about it.

Falk did not give up

" I believed that my vision would come back. The desire to see normally was greater than the fear of losing my sight." says Hanna Falk. This week she underwent a sight check up in  Karlstad. "Doctors told me that vision in my right eye seems to back on  90% and that there are no signs of the disease in my left eye" says happy Falk. Porblems may come back but Falk is optimistic and looks forward to the season. "It may come back, but I don't believe it.  Regardless, today I am happy and relieved!
I'm ready and I can see again! " concludes Hanna Falk.