Fourteen Norwegians lined up for Düsseldorf

02 December 2010 08:14

Norway is sending a contingent of fourteen athletes to Düsseldorf, Germany. The National Team racers split up this week to Davos and the city at the Rhine river.

World Cup in Düsseldorf represents first sharp racing test for Norwegian sprint team - Sprintgutta. "Everybody wants to perform well, and there is no doubt that the internal competition is also important" writes Anders Gloersen on In addition to the sprint team Kent Ove Clausen and Paul Golberg got a ticket to Düsseldorf. "Both Kent Ove and Paul have been fast in the qualifiers and that is important in the sprint,"said national coach Ulf Morten Aune.

Anders Gloersen will defend second place from last year Norwegian sprint specialists occupied four spots in top 5. Only Alexey Petukhov stole victory for Russia.

Ladies' national sprint team Jon Arne Schjetne sends four ladies to the fight for World Cup points.  In addition, Kari Ear Slinde and Mari Eide will get a chance to race for Norway thanks to their good performances in the start of the season.

Norwegian team for Düsseldorf


Ola Vigen Hattestad
Johan Kjølstad
Eirik Brandsdal
Øystein Pettersen
Anders Gløersen
John Kristian Dahl
Pål Golberg
Kent Ove Cluasen


Celine Brun-Lie
Maiken C. Falla
Karianne Bjellånes
Kari V. Gjeitnes
Mari Eide
Kari Øyre Slind
Kathrine Rolsted Harsem