Fulvio Scola is online: www.fulvioscola.it

28 June 2011 13:02

Fulvio Scola has launched his new website where his fans will find latest information about Scola’s training, activities and will be also able to directly contact number 5 in the FIS Sprint World Cup last season.

"The site will be a place to share training and competitions emotions with all those who follow me,” says the 29 year-old athlete of Fiamme Gialle. “Last season was great and gave me lot of enthusiasm," he says.

Scola started preparations for the 2011-2012 season in early May. He took part in the first joint training camp of the Italian team in Passo Tonale. "Weather conditions were not optimal and we had rain for couple of days,” says Scola. “In spite of bad weather conditions the track was good and we could carry out good training sessions. From today on, we have been on another training camp on snow, this time in Val Senales. A few days ago I slightly injured my ankle, but it should be OK soon, " quotes Scola.

Next season there will be plenty of occasions for Scola to show off in front of the home crowds. Three stages of Tour de Ski in Toblach, two Tour de Ski stages in Val di Fiemme and World Cup premiere of Milano with a sprint weekend. "I want to confirm my status from last season and if I could repeat results from last winter it would be great. If I had to choose event for a podium, I would choose Milano. Race at Castello Sforzesco will be very unique and then, I'd like to perform well in the team sprint,” reveals Scola.

Fulvio Scola is going to reach another milestone in his life, as he will graduate in Economics and Law at the University of Trento in a few weeks.

You can find more about Fulvio Scola at: www.fulvioscola.it

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