Golberg won 10 km Classic

27 January 2010 12:33

Paal Golberg from Norway took victory over 10 km Classic in Notschrei and became new Junior World Champion. Second in the finish was Evgeniy Belov from Russia was second staying behind the winning time of the Norwegian by 9.6 sec. Bronze medal goes to Russia as well as Petr Sedov was behind by 33.8 sec.

Paal Golberg (NOR)

It was very good race today. Sprint was great but 10 km Classic is my favorite distance so I am even more happy. I was injuried last season and my performance was not ideal but this season I have been healthy and could fight with the best.

Evgeniy Belov (RUS)

The race was very good for me. I was hoping for good results beforehand. On the other hand I knew it will be very tough to achieve it. I focused on my pace and tactics . It was a hard track but I like these kind of competitions with tough uphills.

Petr Sedov (RUS)

It was very hard for me today. I did not feel goo at all today. After the start and a few kilometres I felt better and better and got into my pace. I plan to take part in Pursuit and naturally in relay.