GPS Tracking: Eexperience from watching Cross-Country skiing races one step further.

26 November 2013 13:33
GPS tracking
GPS tracking -

Similar to Tour de France you will be able to follow the race in real time on your computer or on your mobile device and you’ll be able to track and watch selected athletes.

How does it work?

Traxmeet GPS tracking is based on transponders (GPS/GSM devices) that competitors carry in their bib back pocket and a web service that shows competitors on a map and altitude profile with additional information.

Viewers can follow the race from their desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones. Tablet and smartphone views have fewer viewing options due to the smaller screen size.

The number of competitors that can be followed with GPS is between 30 and 50. The transponders will typically be carried by the top athletes.

Customize your splits

Online GPS tracking enables viewers to select athletes and follow their actual location on the track, their speed, distance from other competitors in the race. Viewers can study sector times, replay the entire race and do post-race analysis.

The can also see position of competitors, speed, distance and make your own virtual split times (e.g uphill or downhill times). Also viewers can compare the difference of two competitors (and how its changing) in real time.


Traxmeet GPS tracking will be used in six FIS competitions:

December 1, 2013: Kuusamo - 10km F Ladies and 15km F Men Pursuit
January 3, 2014: Tour de Ski Toblach – 15km F Ladies and 30km F Men Pursuit
January 5, 2014: Tour de Ski Val di Fiemme – 9km F Ladies and 10km F Men Pursuit
March 8-9, 2014: Oslo – 30km C Ladies and 50km C Men Mass Start
March 15, 2014: Falun (Pre World Championships) 15km Ladies and 30km Men Skiathlon
March 16, 2014: Falun (Pre World Championships) 10km F Ladies und 15km F Men Pursuit


You can follow the Ruka Triple competitions at the links below