Grafnings and Chernousov winners of Fossavatn 50 km

30 April 2018 08:21
Start of the Fossavatn 2018
Start of the Fossavatn 2018 -

After the second place in the free techique Fossavatn 25 km skate, Gräfnings won the main competition over 50 km classic. Gräfnings stopped the clock in 2:36.17. France's Anouk Faivre Picon was second +31:21. Winner of the free technique competition Selina Gasparin was 3rd +32:57 back. 

Ilya Chernousov was 100% in Iceland. After having won the 25 km skate race he was also dominant in the classic technique race over 50 km. Alexander Panzhinskiy was 2nd +05:12 and local skier Snorri Eybór Einarsson was 3rd +09:18 back. 

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