Groin injury forces Curdin Perl to end the season

10 March 2011 16:31

Curdin Perl has to undergo a groin operation and will therefore skip the last World Cups in Lahti, Stockholm and Falun as well as the Engadin Ski Marathon.

After 50 km skating competition at the World Championships in Oslo, the pain in the groin of the Swiss skier again grew bigger.

After having consulted the situation with the team Curdin Perl has decided to end the season prematurely, and go for the operation. Swiss Ski national team member will be operated on Monday and will have to have a break of 4 weeks.

Swiss World Championships starter Curdin Perl slipped out on a icy field while skiing in classical technique during the training camp in St. Moritz where the Swiss team was before the World Championships in Oslo.

Afterwards he felt pain in the right hernia and went for a check up to the hospital in St. Moritz where doctors found out that a inguinal hernia was the source for the pain.

Dario Cologna will lead the Swiss squad at the World Cup in Lahti.

Pursuit: Dario Cologna, Remo Fischer

Sprint: Dario Cologna, Christoph Eigenmann, Joeri Kindschi, Martin Hunter, Valerio Leccardi and Doris Trachsel

Contributed by Christian Stahl, Swiss Ski