Guri Hetland leaves Swiss Ski

12 May 2014 17:05
Guri Hetland
Guri Hetland -

Swiss Ski has not extended the agreement with Cross-Country head coach Guri Hetland. Swiss Ski and the Norwegian coach decided on Saturday morning to end the cooperation. Swiss-Ski is going to put in place structural adjustments of the team in the vies of the new Olympic cycle. During the negotiations that the new role of Guri Hetland and her expectations were not in the same line. It was therefore decided to end the co-operation with immediate effect. 

“Sports Director Mark Wolf to this decision: "I am sorry for the decision but I respect the fact that Guri Hetland was not to be able to fully identify herself with the proposed role. I am extremely grateful for our cooperation and wish Guri Hetland all the best for the future,”  Swiss Ski sports director Mark Wolf said.

Guri Hetland was in charge of the Swiss Cross-Country team last four years and brought to numerous successes Dario Cologna and his teammates. "I had a good time with the Swiss Cross-Country team. I would be very happy to continue to work with the athletes. It is a big pity that we could not overcome different opinions regarding the new distribution of tasks, "Guri Hetland regrets. 

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