Hanna Falk is OK after the fall in yesterday's Handicap Pursuit race

29 November 2010 06:34

Hanna Falk fell downd and had to retire from Sunday's pursuit at the World Cup races in Kuusamo, Finland. But the "Flying-falcon" is not in danger.

Hanna Falk started yestarday's 10 km Free Handicap Pursuit on 25th place 2:10 min behind the leader Marit Bjoergen. in a downhill she fell. "Hanna felt immediate pain, but it quickly went away. The check up showed a light contusion of thr right shoulder. Just a few hours after the race had Hanna almost full mobility," explains coach Rickard Grip.

Next weekend FIS Cross-Country World Cup continues with sprint races in Düsseldorf, Germany and Hanna Falk should be on teh start. She made a break through into the World's Elite by winning last year's individual sprint free. "It is very likely that Hanna will be on the starting line there, I'm not worried about her, "confirms Rickard Grip.

Although Lina Andersson had to retire yesterday's Handicap pursuit. For her part, she had problems with the air tubes in the strong cold.

Contributed by Torbjorn Nordvall, Swedish Ski Association