Hanna Falk: I find it hard to relax

12 July 2011 10:57

Hanna Falk is fighting hard to get back to the top and July is definitely not vacation time for the young Swede.

Training year is in the full swing for Hanna Falk and lessons learned last season should help her to regain success next winter. Falk faced a downturn last season after her breakthrough the winter before. She has failed to carry on two World Cup wins from 2009/10 season in Dusseldorf and Otepää and scored one podium result last winter in Liberec. 
Hanna Falk trained harder than ever before the World Championships season, perhaps too hard. The World Championships in Oslo did not go out as planned. “I wanted to do everything as good as I could but I was not really healthy. Maybe I had trained too hard and been too eager in the summer and autumn,” reveals Hanna Falk at home in Ulricehamn to newspaper BT. 
”But I was anyway happy. Comparing to Olympics it was a step forward and of course I did my best,” she says but eventually adds. “It is clear that I had medals in the head before, after all medals count.”

Adjusts the intensity

The 22-year-old Falk has adjusted intensity of summer training with regard to the injury from last year. 
”Last year, I became tired soon. You have to save some gunpowder,” she says to BT. Falk’s mental strength seems to have improved as well. “I have learned to draw boundaries. I try not be influenced by things that take power from my training,” she says. In the middle of the summer Hanna Falk is training hard. “After the last race in April the season ended. Then I had two weeks off and I went home and took it easy. Afterwards I again kicked of new training year. Many people think I have vacation in these days but it's tough training now,” explains Falk. The training load is high but Falk does not seem to have problems with that. “I do not think it's hard to be motivated. On the other hand, sometimes I find it hard to relax,” she says with a smile.

Varied training

According to local newspaper BT Hanna Falk’s summer training is greatly varied. Roller Skiing, running, cycling, strength training and kayaking are just some of the activities on Falk’s busy training schedule. 
”It's fun in the summer. The days are so long and I have time to do other things as well. I can train in the mornings and then have the day free before I have another work out,” Falk quotes. 
The sprint specialist hopes to become more competitive in longer distances and climb up the rankings. “It's something I want to develop. I do not think it will be good if I only focused on sprints. There is not a big difference in how we train. My constitution is probably more suitable for sprints and I have always liked head-to-head racing,” she reveals. Next season Hanna Falk plans to concentrate on Sprint World Cup. “I want to fight for a podium. Once I have been up there I would like to stay there,” she says. After next season without a title event there will be three winters with two World Championships and Winter Olympic Games. Falk’s big goal lies in Russia, in Sochi 2014. “I would like to be as good as possible and I think I can become an Olympic Champion,” she says. What does it take for Falk to grab the Olympic gold? “ I need a few more years of tough training. A skier is not at his best around 20, and I must continue going step by step. It's a long way but I am prepared to do whatever is necessary,” Falk concludes.

Contributed by Kjell-Erik Kristiansen, www.sweski.com