Heidi Weng and Niklas Dyrhaug won Flyktningerennet

07 April 2014 07:31
Niklas Dyrhaug in Falun
Niklas Dyrhaug in Falun -

Heidi Weng did not have a competitor who’d come close to her in 44 km long classical competition Flyktningerennet - the Refugee race. Weng built up a lead to the final +6:39 in the finish on the runner up Kari Vighagen Gjeitnes and won the race in 2:06:04. Sweden’s Ida Ingemarsdotter took third place +8:16 back. “- It was a great fun to ski. I have never done so long competition. I went with Ole Marius Bach and got a great ride with him,” Weng said  after the race. 

Niklas Dyrhaug crushed the men’s field to win in 1:57:02 almost one minute and a half over Petter Northug jr. Johan Kjølstad took third place +01:25 behind. “It’s damn good to win the Refugee race,” Dyrhaug said. 


Ladies 21

1. Heidi Weng IL BUL 1 2:06:04
2. Kari Vikhagen Gjeitnes Henning Skilag  + 06:39
3. Ida Ingemarsdotter Åsarna IK   + 08:16
4. Maria Strøm Nakstad Team Veidekke + 10:36
5. Frida Hallquist Åsarna IK + 11:26

Men 21


1. Niklas Dyrhaug Tydal IL 1:57:02
2. Petter Northug Jr Strindheim IL + 01:22
3. Johan Kjølstad Skogn IL +01:25
4. Tomas Northug Strindheim IL + 01:29
5. Vidar Undebakke Strindheim IL + 01:30

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