Heidi Weng and Oeystein Pettersen win Toppidrettsveka 2012

25 June 2012 08:41
Heidi Weng wins Toppidrettsveka
Heidi Weng wins Toppidrettsveka -

Heidi Weng and Oeystein Pettersen won the overall standing of Toppidrettsveka 2012. Weng and Pettersen secured the victory in the last stage of the Sports Week in Aure/Kristiansund.

On Friday afternoon the race program featured 3 km run through the town of Kristiansund. Ladies' competition went to the exciting finish where youngster Heidi Weng took victory ahead of her teammate Marthe Kristoffersen. Ukraine’s Valentina Shevchenko grabbed third place. Marit Bjoergen was edged out to fourth place.

Running specialist Dadafo Dhaqab conquered victory in the men’s competition as second place went to sprint winner from Thursday evening Eldar Roenning. Erik Mysen finished in third position.

For the final stage of the Toppidrettsveka 2012, free technique pursuit, all the points from the previous stages were summed up and time differences were calculated. Among ladies Marit Bjoergen hit the road as number one but Heidi Weng caught up with the World Cup winner in the first out of five laps. Weng kept the pace high, left Bjoergen behind and took the overall win with almost a minute gap. Marthe Kristoffersen secured herself third place.

Simen Oestensen tried to defend the leading position against Oeystein Pettersen but “Poelsa” eventually went in the lead and won the race with a 34 second gap. Sprint specialist Ola Vigen Hattestad took third place behind Oestensen.

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