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01 September 2014 07:37
Callum Watson
Callum Watson -
Finn Marsland

Callum Watson is an Australian Cross-Country skier and rrepresented his country at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014. Unfortunately in the Australian Sprint Championships on August 16 he was involved in an incredibly unlucky and serious accident where his lung was punctured by the ski of another competitor.

After an emergency chest tube was put in place at the Falls Creek Medical Centre Callum was flown to the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne to undergo treatment by their Trauma team.

„I had surgery two days ago to successfully seal the hole in my lung and now I am waiting for my third chest tube to drain the remaining fluid and air from my chest,“ Callum reveals.

Despite the serious injury Callum Watson's goal remains to compete at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun next year. "I have the determination to get myself back to the level I was before the accident and I am confident of the plan my coach is putting together to have me racing at the 2015 World Championship in Sweden," Callum confirms.

Injured Callum Watson

Help Callum Watson

Due to the injury, Callum's main source of income for the year - coaching in August and September is not possible. You can help Callum Watson to fund the next season on World Cup, and to meet significant ambulance and medical costs. Visit and donate!

Every bit counts and is greatly appreciated. Progress on Callum's recovery can be followed on his blog: