On Hill Climb, Freeman Secures SuperTour Finals Title

29 March 2012 11:36
Kris Freeman US Super Tour Finals
Kris Freeman US Super Tour Finals -

At the outset of the hill climb up Jay Peak on a blistery Wednesday morning, the four-race fight for the overall SuperTour Finals win had come down to two skiers: Kris Freeman (SSCV/USST) and Noah Hoffman (SSCV/USST). In the end, Freeman claimed the title just as he did in Sun Valley last spring: on a brutal pitch that left him and just about everyone else completely spent at the finish.

Hoffman finished second, 22.7 seconds back. He posted the fastest time of the day, but it wasn’t enough to reel Freeman in. Erik Bjornsen (APU/USST), with an effort that surprised even himself, took third (+54.7) in the mini-tour.

Freeman and Hoffman are friends and frequent training partners, but as soon as the race bibs go on they’re competitors — both were skiing to win the overall title, but it could only go to one of them.

Freeman led the tour after the first three races at Craftsbury, and started 36 seconds ahead of Hoffman in the pursuit-start climb. Bjornsen and Simi Hamilton (SVSEF/USST) stood between Hoffman and Freeman on the start list, but Hoffman caught both fairly early on as he attempted to gun down the leader.

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