How to look after your Cross-Country skis before the summer

14 April 2014 09:26
Glide wax on Fischer skis
Glide wax on Fischer skis -

Winter is almost gone and slowly but surely, even the keenest of cross country skiers are putting their skis away after the season. But there's more to it than that. The skis still need to be perfectly prepared before they have their well-earned summer break.

But why is summer storage preparation so important and what does it involve? The experts at Fischer Sports have put together the key tips and tricks in a short summary so you can continue to get the full benefit from your cross country skis next season, too.


The base should be prepared with a layer of wax prior to the upcoming summer break so it has optimum protection against outside influences. As the upper surface of the base is static it can attract dust and other dirt particles. If you apply a layer of wax, no dirt or other impurities can be absorbed into the pores. The base is "impregnated" as a result and also protected against drying out and oxidation.

Additionally, regular waxing ensures that the ski base continues to absorb and retain the wax coating well. Bases that are not treated do not glide as well and this has a very negative impact on the enjoyment you get from your skiing. Regular waxing, therefore, also makes sense if the skis are not used for a longer period during the season and during transport to protect the base structure.


Before the wax is applied you should remove any dirt, dust and old pieces of wax from the base. Here you can use cleaners (wax removers) which are available from sports retailers. Before you do anything else the skis should air outside for at least 15 minutes. Next, apply a universal glide wax (wax should be as soft as possible) with a waxing iron and, depending on the hardness of the wax, iron it on at a temperature between 110°C (230°F) and 130°C (266°F) evenly and in the direction of skiing. IMPORTANT: do not leave the iron in one position for too long (risk of overheating).

Make sure that there is no glide wax on the climbing zone with classic and skis with climbing sections. The glide wax that is applied must not be scraped off, it remains on the ski. During the summer break the skis should be stored horizontally with the bindings facing downwards at a constant temperature in a room which is as dark and dry as possible.

What to do before the season starts again?

Just before the season starts all you have to do is scrape off the wax and you are all set to enjoy cross country skiing again. These small but important tips will ensure that you continue to have fun and get the most from your skis for as long as possible. So, stay clear of injury, let us hope the summer break is not too long and best wishes from the Fischer Sports team.

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