Iliya Chernousov (RUS) won Artic Circle Race

11 April 2011 06:48

Chernousov won the race that takes place in the magnificent countryside around Sisimiut on Greenland's west coast approx. 65 km north of the Arctic Circle.

The total race distance is 160 km. The three-day race takes competitors through the magnificent, varied and sometimes harsh Greenlandic terrain.On the first day athletes skied 57 km, second day 46 km and on the final day 57 km.

Chernousov won the competition in 10:11:15. On the 3rd and final day Ilya Chernousov was nine minutes ahead of his competitors. Although the Russian racer was speeding through the Greenlandic mountains he also had time to enjoy skiing. “You mustn’t forget enjoy the spectacular landscape in Greenland,” says Ilya Chernousov. Local hero Martin Moeller finished second. Swiss skier Reto Burgermeister claimed third place.

Home victory for Berthelsen

Not surprisingly Niviaq C. Berthelsen from Greenland took home a convincing victory on the 160 km distance in a total time of 12:53:57. That was one hour and 41 minutes faster than her older competitor and compatriot Uiloq Slettemark, who reached the finish line on the final day in a total time of 14:34:57. Czech Miroslava Gores took the third place overall one hour and 10 minutes after Slettemark.

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Ilya Chernousov - 10:11:15
Martin Møller - 10:29:19
Reto Burgermeister - 10:52:48


Niviaq C. Berthelsen - 12:53:57
Uiloq Slettemark - 14:34:57
Miroslava Gores - 15:44:53