INSIDE THE FENCE: That World Cup look

14 March 2017 14:26
FIS MAG - Viessmann arch Holmenkollen 2017
FIS MAG - Viessmann arch Holmenkollen 2017 -

FIS MAG or FIS Marketing Agency. They are the ones who week in and week out give us the look of a World Cup venue. To say it's a long season for them is an understatement. We followed them around recently in partnership with our friends FIS Nordic Combined at Holmenkollen to get an idea of what it takes to make a World Cup look like a World Cup.

Behind the scenes – FISMAG CC Implementation Team

Team: The FISMAG CC Implementation Team consists of total 19 team members (Season 2016/17). The average age is 41.6 years whereas the youngest is 20 years old and the oldest 70 years old. During the whole WC incl. Tour de Ski there are a total of 570 man-work-days.  Most of our CC Implementation Team members are from Austria (14). Other countries are Germany (4) and Italy (1).


Banners: -All banners together have a length of approx. 3’140m + approx. 1’800m of endless banner Arch  5x

Vehicles: -VW T5 + Trailer with a total of 5.9t (3.0t only material), Crafter + Trailer with a total of 6.2t (2.7t only material)

By Car 35’430 km (240.2 hrs)
By Ferry 25,804 km (135.5 hrs)
By Plane 250,000 km (48.0 hrs)

Time schedule: Built up is approx. 3 days.  Dismantling is approx. 3h

Number of races: 16 WC’s = 33 race days and 66 races

Number of countries: 10 (FIN, NOR, FRA, SUI, ITA, GER, SWE, KOR, EST, CAN)