Jaks and Nyvltova celebrate triple summer hat trick

10 September 2012 16:09
Martin Jaks on roller skis summer 2012
Martin Jaks on roller skis summer 2012 -

Czech Cross-Country Skier Martin Jaks powered to triple victory at the home national championships in Liberec last weekend. On Friday he won the team sprint with Dusan Kozisek, on Saturday he became Czech Roller Skiing Champion and on Sunday he was the quickest in the traditional Cross-Country running competition to the Jested mountain.

„After the tough training camp it was not easy, but I have been feeling good and the shape has been good as well, „ Jakš said to www.czech-ski.com. The best Czech Cross-Country skier Lukas Bauer had to sit out the Czech nationals due to a muscle injury. „ I was little bit afraid of the effects of the long training camp, but everybody did very well, „ the Czech head coach Miroslav Petrasek said. .

Kozisek and Jaks dominated the 2 x 5 x 2 km team sprint ahead of compatriots Razym and Horyna. „We liked it very much. The pace was quite high, 90 seconds full speed and then 90 seconds break. It was a high quality interval training,“ Jaks explained.

On Saturday, September 8th Czech Cross-Country skiers fought for national titles in roller skiing competition. Everybody got the same type of roller skis brought from Germany. „We skied on them in Germany before,“ Jaks pointed out who was the last competitor the interval start race. Jaks edged out the runner up Dusan Kozisek by 51 seconds. „ I was aware of the gap, but still I was pushing 100%, it was my tactic,“ he claimed in the finish.

Sunday featured traditional Cross-Country running competition to the top of the Jested mountain, with the landmark TV tower. Jaks improved his personal best from last year and only a tiny margin was left to break the competition record. „We’ve tried our small summer Tour de Ski, all the three days were in the full speed,“ Petrásek said. „“Now we have to carry on the summer shape on snow,“ is everybody’s wish.