Jean-Marc Gaillard and Adrian Mougel in shape

11 October 2011 11:12

French national Cross-Country team has been on the joint training camp in Tignes and carried out a test time-trail on roller skis.

Jean-Marc Gaillard and Adrien Mougel were the quickest.  "Since Thursday we have had great time and I could train normaly (roller skis and running)," Maurice Manificat explains.

Jean-Marc Gaillard Adrien Mougel and tied in the first place in the time trial in Montvalezan with time 19min34 Montvalezan. Christophe Perrillat took third place having lost 14 sec. Cyril Miranda lost 46sec, Robin and Maurice Duvillard 1min04 and Maurice Manificat was1min10 behind the winners.

"I felt good during the race but I had shooting pain in my side after 5 minutes. It was probably caused by hyperventilation, "Manificat explained.

The French have unfortunately not been able to train on snow in Tignes because the glacier was closed.

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