Jens Flibrich in good shape before first training camp on snow

04 October 2011 15:41

German Cross-Country skier Jens Flibrich is in good summer shape having dominated second German performance tests that took place last weekend in Oberhof.

The performance tests consisted of treadmill tests as well as a Mini tour that kicked off with a free technique sprint in the Oberhof ski hall. After two events of the Mini-Tour Philip Marschall was in the lead, however, in the last event 19.6 km Mass Start Free. Filbrich grabbed victory in the home stretch having sprinted over Josef Wenzel. Tom Reichelt came third.

“Its is a great motivating feeling and a sign that our training has been going the right direction. It’s been great fun and I’ll be happy to continue like this. We will continue with first real snow training on the Schnalstal glacier,” Jens Filbrich commented on his website.

On the ladies’ side Denise Hermann took the overall victory and won the performance test ahead of Monique Siegel and young talent from Schwarzwald Sandra Ringwald.


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