Jessie Diggins and Andy Newell to talk skiing, fitness and Olympics

17 July 2012 09:47
Andy Newell
Andy Newell -

U.S. Ski Team Cross Country Skiers Jessie Diggins and Andy Newell are interested in kids.  So much so that they are taking a break from their training schedule and heading to New York City in mid July to spend some time at the YMCA. 

As part of a ski industry program called Winter Trails, they will be introducing cross country skiing to the urban youth.  This unique program will include Jessie and Andy taking the kids through a selection of their favorite exercises and allow them to act as role models to New York City youth.  The YMCA athletes will learn about skiing techniques / equipment and the qualities of a great team member.  There may not be snow in July, but there will be lots of fun.

As the summer London Olympic games approach, U.S. Ski Team members Jessie Diggins and Andy Newell will show YMCA campers what it takes to be a world-class athlete, the importance of fitness and the meaning of team spirit while introducing the kids to basic skiing concepts.

The Winter Trails event at YMCA with Andy Newell and Jessie Diggins takes place on Thursday, July 19, 2012 in Park Slope Armory YMCA at 10:00 am to noon.