Johan Olsson coping with shoulder injury

26 September 2011 09:34

Last week Olsson hurt his shoulder during a roller skiing workout and feared to have suffered a slipped disc.

If so, that would certainly jeopardize his future career. X-ray and MR revealed that Olsson’s disc is in proper position, however, Olsson still cannot resume training. ”The fact is that I’m still feeling pain. This week we will continue looking what’s wrong. The explanation could be that my back muscles have been overloaded and that joints, ribs and nerves are not working properly,” Olsson wrote on his website.

Double bronze medalist from Vancouver 2010 could ate least return to roller skiing. “Currently I am at least on roller skis again, even though it is far from the load required to fight in the world top.

But there is really no use to hurry, the only thing I can do is to continue my work towards a smooth and pain free body,” Olsson concluded.

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