Johan Olsson rejoins Swedish Cross-Country squad

07 November 2011 11:05
Johan Olsson medal
Johan Olsson medal -

When Johan Olsson felt pain in his right shoulder he feared that it could be slipped disc that might even put his career to an end.

But now the Olympic champion rejoined the Swedish Cross-Country skiing team and is back in full training. 
”For a while, I was quite sure that I had to stop. Now I have at least a little bit of hope to continue as a skier,” Olsson said to the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that time.

Now he has resumed workouts with Swedish national team 
”I’ve felt felt surprisingly good despite the weeks I have lost,” Olsson writes on his blog. 
“The most important thing is that nerve damage in my neck feels better, giving me the opportunity to hit the road to take me back for real. I still feel some little pain during exercises. The most important thing is that it is not persistent pain,” Olsson reveals.

John also hopes to be on the start line in the Swedish opening. It remains open where the opening takes place.

Bruksvallarna has been struggling with lack of snow but the LOC has put a big effort to make the national opening on November 11-13 possible. “We have 2.5 km snow that secures most of the race track. What we want is to add another few hundred meters of artificial snow to get the best conditions as possible, then we have a race track that runs 3km,” the LOC Bruskvallarna says in the official communication. The final decision is expected to be made on Monday.

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