Johan Olsson shines in Nove Mesto as he wins 30 km mass start. UPDATED

11 February 2012 15:07
Johan Olsson wins in Nove Mesto
Johan Olsson wins in Nove Mesto -

Johan Olsson from Sweden showed a great performance in today's 30 km mass start competition in classical technique and finished first in a time of 1:13.42h. Overall World Cup leader Dario Cologna lost the contact to Olsson on the last downhill, couldn't close the gap until finish and took the second place, 1,5 seconds behind Olsson. Maxim Vylegzhanin completed the podium as third.

Johan Olsson won the World Cup season opener in Sjusjoen, Norway but then was coping with illness. His shape has been getting better and today the Swede celebrated second win of the season. Dario Cologna has increased the lead in the Overall World Cup standing to a comfortable margin over Petter Northug jr. of 372 points and the Swiss skier tops also the Distance World Cup ranking. 

Canada's Devon Kershaw was very active in today's competition and collected 50 bonus points. 13.500 spectators saw Russian and Swedish day. Four Russian skiers cracked top 8 and four Swedes finished in top 13.

Johan Olsson SWE
I had excellent skis today. I might switch to downhill skiing after today. I had some tough weeks this winter but my season are usually like that. I'm quite sensitive about getting cold. I have had some good races lately with Otepää and Swedish Championships. I think my shape is rising but today the biggest difference was my skis. I am planning to take part in all the remaining World Cups and my focus is on the World Cup finals on the home ground in Falun.

Dario Cologna SUI
I felt very good today and my shape is still good and I my plan before the race was to try something. Three, four other guys were very strong today, especially Johan Olsson. We created a small gap and I thought it would be a good chance to go away. Unfortunately I had slow skis and lost the victory in the last downhill. Johan overtook me on the same place already in the second last lap. Now I am in the solid lead in the Overall World Cup standing and I think I will defend the Crystal Globe.
Maxim Vylegzhanin RUS
It was a good race for me today. I am very happy to be on the podium. The pace was very high all the way through to the finish and it was tough for me. I had some energy left in the finishing straight and I could sprint for the third place.