Justyna Kowalczyk: I continue but on a different basis

02 April 2014 14:59
Justyna Kowalczyk
Justyna Kowalczyk -

Justyna Kowalczyk announced at the Polish Ski Association press conference in Krakow that she will continue he career, but will make significant changes. 

Kowalczyk, well known for hard off-season training decided to modify the training and competition program. "I decided that I will continue to compete, but on a different basis. 16 years of training left marks on my body and I need a rest. The training will be aimed for the World Championships in Falun," Justyna Kowalczyk said at the press conference.

Kowalczyk also said that she will the first training camp is scheduled to start at the beginning of August. until then she is going to train alone or in her ski club. "World Cup will not be the main goal next year but training for the World Championships. I will be aiming for competitions in classical technique in Falun," Kowalczyk revealed.