Kalla and Halfvarsson win Swedish opener in Bruksvallarna - Updated

22 November 2013 11:31
Charlotte Kalla
Charlotte Kalla -

Charlotte Kalla and Calle Halfvarsson have both their respective Swedish opening competitions in Bruksvallarna, SWE.  Kalla was far and away the best winning by over 37 seconds in the 5 km classic.  The men's 10 km classic podium was much closer with all three being separated by less than 8 seconds. 

In the ladies competition Kalla stopped the clock in a time of 13:16.5 a full 37 seconds ahead of second place finisher Sofia Bleckur +37.4.   In third was Ida Ingemarsdotter +42.0 seconds back from the lead.

In the men's competition Halfvarsson completed the 10 km classic course for the win in a time of 24:01.7.  Just 6.5 seconds behind for second place was Daniel Richardsson and behind him by just 0.1 seconds was Jimmie Johnsson with a time of 24:08.3.  

Tomorrow's events will be the 10 km F for the ladies and 15 km F for the men. 

1.  KALLA Charlotte  SWE 13:16.5 
2.  BLECKUR Sofia  SWE 13:53.9 
3.  INGEMARSDOTTER Ida  SWE 13:58.5 
4.  JOHANSSON NORGREN Britta SWE 13:59.6 
5.  ERIKSON Hanna SWE 14:02.2 

Complete results are available HERE

1.  HALFVARSSON Calle  SWE 24:01.7 
2.  RICHARDSSON Daniel SWE 24:08.2 
3.  JOHNSSON Jimmie  SWE 24:08.3 
4.  NELSON Lars SWE 24:17.2 
5.  GAILLARD Jean Marc FRA 24:19.0 

Complete results are available