Kalla gets all clear to continue training

01 December 2016 07:12
Charlotte Kalla SWE
Charlotte Kalla SWE -


Charlotte Kalla on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week underwent a thorough medical examination in Stockholm to find out whether there was any medical connection to her rapid heart rate at the World Cup race in Finland Ruka Sunday.
"It can be said that the cause of Charlotte's irregularity was due to atrial fibrillation," said National team doctor Per "peg" Andersson.  Andersson added in the Swedish press release that, "It can be said that the cause of Charlottes by irregular rhythm was due to atrial fibrillation. During Tuesday's and Wednesday's surveys, Charlotte has demonstrated good values in everything we checked. After the investigation, we feel medically safe in that there is no danger for Charlotte to return to training and continue to compete at the highest international level."

"I feel good and have not felt anything strange in the body either before or after the race. I am of course relieved that the investigations revealed that I'm not sick in any way. I put this behind me now and focus forward. It is not unusual to get very tired in my sport, this time the lactic acid came earlier than I had ever experienced. In retrospect, it may probably be attributed to that I wanted more than the body that day and I had not competed before. It was a shock!" says Kalla.  Kalla will meet with her coach and come up with a competition plan for the rest of the season.  

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