Kowalczyk and Freeman win 10/15 km Classic in New Zeland Winter Games

13 August 2011 20:37

Justyna Kowalczyk and Kris Freeman top 10 a 15 km Classic in New Zealand.

The USA’s Kris Freeman threw down the gauntlet as he claimed the gold besting his teammate Andy Newell in the final sprint to the line in the men’s 15km classic on Saturday as the New Zealand Winter Games are underway. Canada’s Alex Harvey landed on the podium in 3rd with fellow Canuck Devon Kershaw in 4th followed by Len Valjas in 5th.

“Congrats to Freeman and Andy Newell who went 1-2 today in the 15km classic down here,” commented Kershaw. “Tough race for this kid, but so it goes…”

In the women’s 10km race Poland’s Justyna Kowalcyzk took the win over a small field with Japan’s Sumiko Ishigaki in second followed by Korea’s Seul-Gi Nam in third.

10 km Classic Ladies


15 km Classic Men

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