Kristin Størmer Steira continues for another year

03 April 2014 12:23
Kristin Størmer Steira
Kristin Størmer Steira -

Norway’s Kristin Størmer Steira has decided not to hang up her skis after this winter and she will continue her career for another year. “I found I have the motivation to the job, which is needed to be done to be fighting for a medal next winter in Falun. Both in terms of training and number of days on the road,” Kristin Størmer Steira wrote on her website

Successful season

Kristin Størmer Steira had one of the most successful seasons of her career. Finally she claimed a big individual medal as she powered to bronze in 30 km mass start free in Sochi. She became Norwegian champion in 15 km Skiathlon and last week took bronze in the second part of the Norwegians nationals in Gålå in 30 km mass start free. 

Kristin Størmer Steira

Holidays in Nepal

Before resuming training for the next season, which Steira is going to modify a bit she is going for holidays in Nepal. “We will spend most of April there. We are going to walk and climb the Mera Peak, which is 6500 m high. I am looking forward but I am also excited to see how my body and mind react to such high altitudes,” Steira said. 

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