Kristin Steira's health problems continue

22 September 2010 12:46

Kristin Stoermer Steira suffered heel injury in late June, which prevented her from taking part in European Athletics Championships. She had to adapt her summer training schedule. In September she should have been ready to jump back into full training for the World Champs season.

Steira's recovery took longer than expected and new complications arose. On September 16 Steira went for a check up and MRI picture that revealed that fracture was healed but also discovered another one. "Doctors  do not know why this has happened if it had been there all the time or it was caused by having my foot long time in peace. Recovery has not worked as we all hoped" explains Kristin Steira.

This complication causes Steira problems in preparation for upcoming season with a highlight in Oslo. "I'm trying to remain positive but I am up and down. The worst is uncertainty that I do not know why this happened and what should I do to recover fast and above all properly" says Steira. She is not alone and is supported by her family and friends. "Luckily I have many people around me, both family, friends. They comfort me and look after me! So, I just fight tooth and nail and make the most of what I can do. I do not give up yet!" says fighting Steira.

Contributed by Kristin Stoermer Steira's blog,